Monday, December 10, 2007

The Scary Truth About Ron Paul

Ron Paul sounds like a great candidate... until you do your research. Here are a few known facts:

  • Ron Paul thinks global warming is overblown and would do nothing about the imminent climate crisis. He believes there are two sides of the argument, when in fact there are not.

  • Ron Paul does not believe in evolution. Thinks it is merely a 'theory' (apparently doesn't understand scientific theory) and does not accept it.

    (Skip to 2:40)

  • Ron Paul would like to see a robustly Christian America, and is against the separation of church and state, making him unconstitutional.

  • Ron Paul's free market policies would allow even the most powerful corporations to operate freely without regulation. (i.e. against network neutrality)

  • Ron Paul opposes gay marriage and abortion. Would pass decision to individual states, which is unsupportive of freedom and individual rights.

  • Ron Paul is against stem cell research and would not allow federal funding of it.

    "While I certainly sympathize with those who understandably hope such research will lead to cures for terrible diseases, I object to forcing taxpayers who believe harvesting embryos is immoral to pay for it."
    - Ron Paul

  • Ron Paul would further privatize the health industry and do nothing about the 40 million citizens who can't afford health care.